Saturday, 13 September 2008


I'm suffocating... inside

Oh Lord, save me please...
( T - T )

Friday, 29 August 2008

Tick Tock Tick Tock

yeap Yeap

the clock's ticking
my vacation's ending
a new semester's approaching
I'm leaving
to a new housing

cheers to a new beginning!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Au Revoir

It was a Tuesday morn...
the ever so familiar Saiunkoku Monogatari theme song was playing at full blast
my ears were throwing curses at my trusty handphone
but my brain wasn't responding to it

For a minute or two, i laid motionless
patiently waiting for my handphone to finish its duty


And then it dawned upon me
Friends, whom, were my lifejacket over these past 2 and a half years
whom, relentlessly kept me buoyant and endured the stormy seas with me
weren't moving on with me to my next chapter in life

Friends i could really associate with
like YOU, who gave me useful pointers as to how i should approach my studies
and YOU, who gave me every encouragement you could think of
YOU, who embraced my flaws and turned them into something useful

There's YOU
who'd cease every opportunity to "zha" me
which sometimes, indirectly, opens my eyes to my own foolishness
every "Zha" session never fails to leave me light-hearted
I'm truthfully glad that the Lord gave me a second chance to change my opinion of you
I have high regards for the person you are now and the person you will be
Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart
Thank You YOU!

It's the start of something new so...
Optimistic i must be!
God's plan i will follow unrelentingly!

Lunch is served.
Ja ne~!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Get'cha Head in the Game

knock Knock~

is anyone out there?
coz it's getting pretty lonely in here


time to reveal what the previous post was all about

4 free VIP tickets to watch High School Musical on Ice
courtesy of Astro
on the 16th of August at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

From this point onwards
I'm gonna start babbling about the event
i doubt that you'd grasp the significance of certain scenes
so if you're not a fan of Disney Channel Original Movies
just look at the pictures lor

Took the usual walk from the carpark towards the indoor stadium
with vista condos towering behind us
there were booths outside and inside selling HSM merchandises
prices were as my manager would put it, haha beautiful

Crowded Arena

East High School's Cat

does the cat look familiar??
Seating was pretty near to the skating rink so the view was good
but it was pretty awkward being surrounded by little kids
say around age 5 to 12 maybe?
so paiseh la

i bet those little kids must be thinking
"omG, these jiejies so old d still come and watch HSM"

we did offer two of the tickets to our cousins residing in Penang
they couldn't arrange transport to come down
so hush, hush little kids, be less evil and watch the show


Let's move on to the cast look-alike shall we?
Kelsi looks scary close up *shudders*
Taylor McKessie looks alright
Troy Bolton

Thumbs up to Chad Danforth's hairdo
Ryan Evans looked way mature than he should be, but cute anyway
Sharpay Evans showing a slight plumpness

Who else who else?
who would forget Ms Darbus, who had a few funny scenes in the movie?
And there's the girl who plays the lead role on the ladder
if you're wondering why she has her shoulders shrugged and face cringed
that's because she's actually having a phone conversation
camera and photographer does her no justice

Moving on to some cool props they performed with
you've just seen the ladder
now see these
they had a slow mo basketball game on ice
it was pretty hilarious

And there was a water sprinkler as well
Was looking forward to the "I don't dance" scene
the one with the baseball bats and all
but it wasn't up to my expectation

Overall it was a splendid performance
Very colourful indeed
Love the kitchen scene where they were knocking pots and pans

the pink buggy!
curi-curi took a video of this
couldn't help it la, itchy hands, what to do?!


so, it was a great time being kiddy
but i wouldn't wanna go see it again
once is enough :p

Enough for today
wanna continue my reading

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Happy Coincidence


puuu puuuu puuuuu~!


Me is in cheerful mood today

Me is no care england bad bad

Me is wanna share something with me friends

3 days ago...
it was an exhausting full day at work
Can't wait to get back home, eat and Zzz like a rock
...little did i know...
a great news awaited my arrival at home

And this is why:-
hee... look like bunny ears

All unhappy thoughts and problems can wait for tomorrow
I wanna savour today's happy coincidence!

Shall keep you [if any], in suspense

Till then, toodles~!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Egg or Chicken?


there's nothing better than a good ol' off day
snuggled cosily and comfortably under the comforter
waking up only when the tummy starts growling


I wonder...
which story should i post up first?
the latest straight out of the oven hot sizzling ones?
or stale news?
or the ones that are heavily protected with a coat of green moss?

With so many good stories to choose from...
...i'm spoilt for choice